QMM's vision


Our environment and living conditions determine the quality of our lives. Development involves changes. Sustainable environmental development is the result of many large and small projects. Environmental and health legislation at work is wide and differs worldwide. Environmental consultation covers many areas of responsibility: risk assessment, early detection of adverse effects, operational environmental protection, location estimations, acquisition and use of information. We will find the best, the most sustainable and foremost the safest solutions.


Since 2006 we have been successful, now we are a leader in the environmental consulting sector. We with our work ethic are in the service of clients. We focus on listening and understanding the needs of our customers and by doing so, we guarantee safe and sustainable solutions for them. This applies to all of our projects, no matter how large or small is a company or project. We place emphasis on the use of modern and innovative technologies. However, we oppose experiments at the expense of our customers, we choose the technique and the most convenient way to find solutions for you. What characterizes us as a company is finding durable and long-lasting solutions by providing assistance in different areas. Therefore we always use methods, equipment in accordance with applicable legislation. We do this honestly and conscientiously, and we are proud of it. We have a motto that faces challenges ahead of us, rooted in our tradition - we will find the best, the most sustainable and the most important the safest solutions. For the benefit of the environment and our customers.


• Leadership - Courage to Create a Better Future
• Passion - Passionate and dedicated to the work we do
• Quality - Dedicated to quality. Dedicated to you
• Teamwork - We all work to achieve a common vision. The strength of the team is indivisible, the power of individuals is the team
• Perseverance, Perfection, Respect


Environmental Monitoring Center,
Address: Rruga Kthesa e Kamzes,
Prane Spitalit Hygea
1000, Tirane AL

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