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Environmental Monitoring Center (QMM) is one of leading companies that provides consulting and services in the field of environment, quality certifications, safety at work, etc. QMM is a continuation and further development of the EPA ( Eco Project Albania), founded in 2006, one of the first environmental companies in Albania. Currently, both companies operate in the Albanian market and share experiences and experts among them. QMM began providing consultancy on the performance of EIA's and SEA's, where in a new and unpublished market still made the difference, it became a leader in the sector. Over the years, and to increase service efficiency in 2009, the first lab of environmental character was set up in Albania.
Currently, QMM is equipped with a specialized laboratory for carrying out the environmental parameters. Tests are required by Albanian legislation. Experts of QMM have worked with leading companies and projects in the country for monitoring and various environmental consultations. During these years, QMM has carried out continuous environmental monitoring for industrial discharges including wastewater monitoring from technological processes, air and noise as well as analysis of water parameters in the laboratory. Furthermore, QMM has participated in various projects by analyzing the parameters of the quality of surface water such as rivers, lakes and sea water. The company is also focused on pest control services for protection of indoor and outdoor environments, from all types of parasites and bacteria, using professional and quality products. The company is equipped with the highest ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 17025: 2006 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification standards.

»Our Projects
Highway Rreshen - Kalimash;
Highway Morine - Merdar;
Highway Prishtine - Hani Elezit;
Railway Tirane-Durres;
T.A.P etc.

»Our Clients:
T.I.A.Tirana International Airport;
P.I.A. La Petrolifera Italo Albanese sh.a.;
Air BP Albania;
Romano Port;
Municipality of Tirana;
Lura shpk;
Durres Hospital etc.

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Environmental Monitoring Center,
Address: Rruga Kthesa e Kamzes,
Prane Spitalit Hygea
1000, Tirane AL

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