Environmental Legislation

The environmental legal framework is a regulatory between the development of activities that have an impact on the environment and the environment.

• Law no. 10431, 09.06.2011 'On Environmental Protection', as amended; 10440, 07.07.2011 'On Environmental Impact Assessment', as amended;
• Law No.10448, 14.07.2011 Amended "On Environmental Permits"
• Law No.10006, 23.10.2008 "On the Protection of Wild Fauna"
• Law No. 10 253, 11.3.2010 "On hunting"
• Law no. 162/2014 "On the Protection of Air Quality in the Environment"
• DCM No.519, 30.6.2010 "Regional Nature Parks"
• DCM Nr.897. 21.02.2011 "Approval of the Rules for the Proclamation of Special Conservation Areas"
• DCM Nr. 532, 05.10.2000 "On the approval of the study" Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity "
• DCM Nr. 676, 20.12.2002 "On the Promulgation of Protected Area of Albanian Monuments of Nature"
• DCM Nr. 594, 10.09.2014 "On the Approval of the National Environmental Quality Strategy"
- DCM no. 435, 12.9.2002 "On approval of air emission rates in the Republic of Albania"
• DCM Nr. 686, 29.07.2015 "On the adoption of rules, responsibilities and deadlines for the development of environmental impact assessment procedure (EIA) and the procedure for transfer of environmental decision and statement";
• Law no. 8906, 6.6.2002 "On Protected Areas" amended by Law No. 9868, 4.2.2008 "On some additions and amendments to Law No.8906, dated 6.6.2002" On Protected Areas "
• Law no. 68/2014 "On some amendments and additions to law no. 9587, July 20, 2006, "On Biodiversity Protection", as amended.
• DCM Nr. 247, 30.04.2014 "On the definition of rules, requirements and procedures for informing and involving the public in environmental decision-making"
• Law no. 10 463, 22.9. 2011 "On Integrated Waste Management", as amended;
• DCM Nr. 575 24.06.2015 "On the approval of requests for inert waste management"
• DCM No.175, 19.1.2011 "On the adoption of the national waste management strategy and the national waste management plan"
• DCM Nr. 371, 11.06.2014 "On the definition of rules for the submission of hazardous waste and the approval of the document for the submission of hazardous waste"
• DCM Nr. 418, 25.06.2014 "On the differentiated collection of waste at source"
• DCM Nr. 229, 23. 04. 2014 "On approving the rules for the transfer of non-hazardous waste and the document for the transfer of non-hazardous waste"
• DCM No. 352, 29.04.2015. "To assess the environmental quality of the environment and requirements for some
• Guideline no.8 27.11.2007 'For noise limit levels in certain environments.
• DCM 177, 31/03/2005 "On allowed permissible emission standards and zoning criteria for receiving water environments"
DCM No.686, 29.07.2015 "On the Approval of Rules, Responsibilities and Deadlines for the Development of the Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure (EIA) and the Decision Transmission Procedure and the Environmental Declaration"
- DCM no. 419, dated 25 June 2014 "On the approval of specific requests for the review of the applications for the environmental permit of the types A, B and C, for the transfer of licenses from one entity to another, conditions for the respective environment permits, and detailed rules for their examination by the competent authorities up to the issuance of these permits by the NLC".