Health and Safety at Work


Health and Safety at Work (H.S.W) is an important component of social protection of workers against the negative aspects of working accidents and occupational diseases, it improves job satisfaction and enhancing the functioning of the labor market and the quality of human capital. On the other hand, poor standards of health and safety at work, occupational injuries, fatalities and diseases causing a heavy burden on the national economy due to payments of social security schemes, expenditure hospital, retraining and replacement workers and loss of productivity. generally S.H.W defined as the science of forecasting, recognition, evaluation and control of risks arising in or from the workplace that may affect the health and well being of employees, taking into account the possible impact on neighboring communities and the general environment. » SECURITY AND HEALTH SERVICES

HEALTH AND SAFETY ON THE WORKPLACE(Law No. 10237 of 18 February 2010)

•In charge of prevention and protection service in company.
• Management of fulfillments provided by law in force regarding the protection of the safety and health of workers in the workplace
•Relationships management with supervisors of government.

» RISKS ASSESMENT(Art.6, dot 4, lett. b e art. nr 8 of Law nr. 10237, of 18 February 2010)

• Editing of the Risks Assessment Document(generic)

• Drafting of the Fire, Exposure to Noise, Chemical, Explosion, Exposure to Electromagnetic Field, Vibration, Carcinogens, Electric and Stress Risk Assessment Document.

• Drafting of the Risk Assessment document for Carcinogens.

» FIRE PREVENTION (Article 8 of Law No. 10237 of 18 February 2010)

• Elaboration of emergency plans and evacuation
• Performing periodic testing of application of the emergency plan
• Elaboration of maps of the location of fire-fighting equipment

» ESTABLISHMENT AT MAJOR-ACCIDENT HAZARDS (European Directive “Seveso” on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances)

• Preparation of the technical report
• Preparation of the safety report
• Drafting of the emergency plan.

» PERSONAL TRAINING(Art. 19 of Law 10237 of 18 February 2010) FOR:

• Personal training for new hired employees
• The employees of the fire teams
• The forklift trucks operators
• Users of display screens workers
• Users of lifting equipment
• Individual Protection Equipment (IPE)
• Noise, dust, chimical, explosion and electrical risk.
• Employers
• Representatives of workers' safety
• Responsible of Service of the Prevention and Protection


• Noise, Asbestos, Dust, Chimical Agents, Electrical grounding.

» COMPANY DOCTOR (Decision K.M. Nr. 692 of 13 Dicembre 2001)

• Assignment of company Doctor

» Preparation and supervision of projects and technical relations of fire protection for; all industrial and civil buildings

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