Accredited laboratory

Environmental Monitoring Center (QMM) is a company with an environmental character that have a specialized laboratory for analyzing parameters in the industrial and environmental field.

Over the years, thanks to the work and maturity of expertise in regulatory and technical-scientific field, QMM has become a strategic partner for managing environmental issues of various companies in Albania and region.

The main services that QMM laboratory offeres are:


QMM provides its clients sampling and analysis of physic-chemical parameters (pH, BOD, COD, NO3 etc.) and Microbiological (E .Coli, Total Coliform, Streptococci fecal etc.) for these types of water:
• Surface water (sea, river and lake);
• Drinking water (according to DCM 379, dated 25/05/2016) for human consumption;
• Industrial emission water (according to DCM 177, dated 31/03/2005 and Albanian legislation in general for inductive character emission rates);
• Swimming pool water;


Airspace services include sampling and analysis (direct measurement) of air emissions in indoor and outdoor environments for:
• Solid particles in the air LNPmax, LNPmes, PM10, PM2.5;
• Air gases such as NOx, SOx, H2S, CO, O2, VOC etc;
• Solid gases and solid particles in the chimney such as NOx, CO, O2, SOx, H2S, CxHy etc.;
• Sampling and analysis of pollutants in the form of aerosols such as Metals, Solvents etc.;
• Measurement of acoustic parameters for SPL, slow, fast, peak (max, min), LAeq, LAmax;
• Determining the exposure level of workers against the noise level LEXh;
• Vibrations, brightness and microclimate;
• Risk assessment (chemical and biological) for safety and health at work;
- All tests performed in the laboratory are done according to standard methods (SSH ISO 15705: 2013, DS CEN / TS 16450: 2013, SSH EN 45544-1: 2015, etc.).

The lab is part of interlaboratory exercises organized internally to ensure a safe result and a high standard of measurement quality, in accordance with SSH ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 "For Testing and Calibration Labs" for which QMM laboratory is accredited by the General Directorate of Accreditation in Albania.