Modeling of air and noise emissions on the environment

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Modeling of Environment and Noise Releases

Environment Monitoring Center (QMM) is an environmental company that provides modeling on Gaussian and Astral 2000 software bases. For more than 20 years, service providers, authorities and industrial companies are relying on Astral 2000, the Gaussian distribution as one of the major software tools in the field of pollution control. These programs are our software solution for calculating noise diffusion, noise exposure in workrooms, and spreading pollutants in the air. An intuitive interface controls quality calculation algorithms, which represent almost all common national and international distribution control regulations. Thanks to the modular design of the software, the configuration can be optimally adapted to user requirements. The basic idea of our concept - Each basic module contains the library of element DIN 18005 and the Gaussian distribution model for calculating the distribution of air and dust pollutants (TA Luft 1986). Also, elementary noise libraries and air pollutants can be added, which are optional to create your own individual version. Depending on the type of noise or pollutant and the legal requirements of a country, a dispersion model is selected as the base for the calculations. Individual program functions support you in the different applications. In addition to outdoor sound dispersion also allows for the calculation of sound dispersion in rooms, including a function for room acoustic design according to DIN 18041 and the dispersion of air pollutants. Models you can do at our institution:

• Calculate Air pollutants

• Calculate Aircraft Noise in the Zone

• Calculate Traffic noise

• Calculate Industrial noise

• Calculate Rail noise

• Calculate Noise in the workplace

• Calculate Noise of transport

• Create noise maps and action plans

• Calculate room acoustics according to DIN 18041