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Our experts provide you assistance in collecting and completing all the necessary technical documentation that a company needs to apply for Environmental Permit. QMM employees are well acquainted with Environmental Legislation. They have several years of experience in the sector and support their associates and clients until the complete resolution of any environmental problematic.

"Permit Type A" is a permit prepared by the National Environment Agency and signed by the Minister.

"Type B environmental permit" is a permit issued by the National Environment Agency and signed by the Minister.

"Permit Type C" is a permit approved by the Regional Environmental Agency.

"ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA)" The process of drafting the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) helps to improve any type of project in respecting and maximizing the environmental protection of the area where it is implemented. The purpose of the EIA is to ensure that the environment in the area where the project is implemented will be considered linked to all other important issues at any stage of the project. With a few years of experience, as a well-known expert in the market, a working group of 5 environmental experts, we offer Environment Impact Assessments for different industries and activities. This is a procedure that we follow at each application stage.


Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is a systematic decision support process, aiming to ensure that environmental and possibly other sustainability aspects are considered effectively in policy, plan and programme making. SEA is an evidence-based instrument, aiming to add scientific rigour to PPP making, by using suitable assessment methods and techniques. In addition, the environmental report SEA contributes to design an effective strategy for environmental rehabilitation by taking appropriate measures.


The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) identifies the principles, approach, procedures and methods that will be used to control and minimize the environmental and social impacts of all construction and operational activities associated with the project.

When company has an Environmental Permit, it should develop a range of environmental policies (documents, environmental trainings, etc.). We offer the preparation of a number of technical documents. This documentation is submitted to the relevant institutions.


Environmental auditing is a specific process requiring a multifaceted recognition of the nature, causes and particular issues of environmental pollution. To this end, an environmental expert should have knowledge about: how to manage an environmental audit, methodology, procedures, etc. This is a matter of general character but relates simultaneously to the design of an audit program that has its component elements. Another issue is related to environmental audit assessments and how these assessments will serve to take preventative measures in the future. So the EA reports are not only conclusive but also propose concrete measures to prevent future pollution. The audit report as well as the EIA report should contain the relevant information, analysis, conclusions and recommendations.


Draft environmental expertise and projects for the purpose of minimizing the impact on the environment of an activity that takes place in a forest area or in the biological environment as a whole. (exploration and exploitation of minerals of different types of metal and nonmetal materials, construction and putting into use of hydropower plants, construction of roads and of various landfills etc.


Pollutants are defined as 'substances that may be harmful to the environment or to human health on account of their properties and their introduction into the environment'. Pollutant release and transfer registers ( PRTRs ) are inventories of pollution from industrial sites and other sources. QMM with a specialized staff and good knowledge of Albanian and foreign legislation while also having an accredited laboratory can fill for any type of companies PRTR.


We assist companies in all phases of their project since designing a project and implementing it.

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