Environmental monitoring

The monitoring service by the QMM is provided as a complete package which includes:

1. Consultation on achieving environmental standards conform to the legal requirements set by the Albanian state for industries and activities related to air, water and land emission.
2. Sampling and analysis of key environmental components that are exposed to various technological emissions such as:

»Air emissions
• Measurement of gaseous emissions and solid particles in the atmosphere;
• Gaseous emissions in an point sources such as chimneys for different industries;
• Gaseous emissions and solid particles in working environment to evaluate their quality;

»Technological and surface waters
• Technological emissions from industrial activity, rainwater and treated water at treatment plants;
• Analysis and assessment of surface water quality (seas, lakes and rivers) and groundwater;
• Analysis and assessment of water quality for human use (drinking water and swimming pool);

• Measurement and assessment of the noise level in industrial and environmental activities;
• Measurement of Workplaces noise ;
• Measurement of machinery noise in industry;
• Measurement of traffic noise;

Quality assessment of working environments for different parameters based on customer requirements and Albanian legislation such as:
• Humidity;
• Temperature;
• Wind speed;
• Lighting;
• The level of exposure to noises;
• Exposure level to gaseous and solid pollutants in the air;

»Draft necessary documentation of self-monitoring in accordance with environmental legislation and relevant deliveries to key state institutions responsible for environmental issues.

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